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Baofeng Support Amateur Radios 2014Welcome to Baofeng Support. This is a collection of known resources for the popular UV-5R and other models of Baofeng two way radios. The mission of this site is to scour the web for all things Baofeng and organize them into one central page so you can quickly and easily find what you need to get and stay on the air with your radio.

Fujian Nanan Baofeng Electronic Co., Ltd (a.k.a. Pofung) is a chinese manufacturer of two way radios. They are best known for the UV-5R Series of amateur radios, as well as their related variants. The UV-5R is an extremely low-cost handheld radio with powerful features. The UV-5R is also one of the most cloned and rebranded transceivers in the world, and is quite popular with hams.

Unfortunately, support from Baofeng itself for their own products is, to put it mildly, horrible. Their own product manuals are worthless, the programming software is junk, and their official OEM programming cable uses a counterfeit or cloned chip. Fortunately, the ham community and a few reputable Baofeng dealers have come to the rescue and picked up the slack with grass-roots support and resources of their own. This site is a collection of links to the best of those resources to help operators everywhere get the most out of their Baofengs.

Available resources at Baofeng Support include how-to articles, forums, support groups, user manuals, technical specs, podcasts and videos to help educate, inform and support users of Baofeng branded two way radios.

Of course, there are always new resources appearing online and we can’t think of everything, so if you have or know of a great article, tip, trick, how-to video or other resource, send a link and short description of it and we’ll check it out for inclusion on the site. No spam, please! Thanks!

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  1. Bought 6 Baofeng 888s with cable, DVD. PC is Windows 7 operating program. Only opens to USB3 and not 4. Downloaded program but just has question marks and numbers,Not what the You Tube tutorials present. Christmas gift for kids. Help.

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