About This Site

Baofeng Support was created as a simple portal to all known resources on the web related to Baofeng two way radios. It is a one stop repository to easily locate and utilize documents, videos, forums, groups and other media related to the operation and troubleshooting of these popular radios. Although selected vendors do advertise on the site, this is not intended as a shopping or price comparison site for the cheapest source of Baofeng radios, but as a tool to help you make an informed decision as to which model is best for your particular need or application, as well as an index of resources for the use, care, maintenance and troubleshooting of Baofeng radios.

Note: this site is intended as a collection of known self-help resources available on the web. It is not owned by Baofeng or affiliated with the manufacturer of Baofeng branded radios. Any inquiries related to warranty support issues should be directed to the manufacturer and/or the dealer from which the radio was purchased.

Do you have or know a great support site or resource to add? Contact us! We welcome contributions!

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